In every coaching session with a client I open 'a window' to my own journey. Every single moment has been such a gift!  Especially the tough days! Those were the mountains (I also call them classrooms) that stretched me and taught me to go beyond. 

As I share pieces of my story it encourages others as they climb their mountains...

Here is 'one window' which I opened in a recent client session, sharing of one of my big mountains as I arrived in South Africa eight years ago... 

The unfolding of a special gift...

I simply keep looking for the roses also on the toughest days. Regardless of how tough it feels there is a purpose unfolding by every step you take. 

After my first three weeks in SA in November 2006 everything I had planned changed. My partner whom I immigrated with pulled the plug on our relationship and gave me and my kids one week to find a new place to live. Every single day was a new test. 

All I possessed was one big bag filled with my life experiences. It was also filled with self-doubt and fear. I clearly remember March 2007, the phone call to my Granny. I felt very vulnerable and shared tears with her. I just needed to release. The mountain felt steep. However... I kept 'climbing'm my heart whispering and leading the way...

I decided to write my book the 'The Responsible Individual’ (TRI) and developed the Responsibility Coach educational training which later expanded into the SmilingOne COC College for Change Agents and the next book in writing. 

Every ingredient that I needed started to find me in those 'early days'. Not that I knew exactly what I needed. I simply kept looking for the roses also on the toughest days. This was my attitude towards the journey and towards every single person I met along the way. 

I finally understood it is up to ME! 

I choose this!!

And I surrendered fully to my journey and it hasn't stopped finding me... over and over again.

May you turn every single challenge into opportunity. Nothing is there to hinder you. Everything serves your journey of living deeply into your purpose. 

Dare greatly and listen deeply
- your heart knows ; )