It begins with a choice...

Video created by Karina Andersen. 
Thank you Peter Kater for the music. 
Thank you to our TRI Students for the sharing of your journeys in writing

'It begins with a choice'....

As one of the greatest gifts imaginable, choice is also one of the most difficult ones to come to terms with. Choice opens new doors and invites further learning - all the time. The more we experience all the facets of it, the broader our understanding becomes. Choice is not to be taken lightly, but used wisely!

When you have to make a choice
and don't make it,
that is in itself a choice.

Every single choice reflects where I find myself on my path of gaining awareness.

Am I motivated by trust and flavouring my choices with love, gratitude and compassion?

Or are my choices flavoured by fear and limitation, very much like the 'boxes' I make use of, conditioning myself and sometimes others, believing that I have but that one choice?

Yes, we do have a choice!