Are you looking for answers?


A life changing journey...

I would like to acknowledge you for making yourself a priority. You are about to start a journey of embracing change and accepting responsibility.

You are most probably looking for answers – the very reason that you were attracted to this process in the first place.

We all have dreams and are busy booking a lot of flights - pursuing our goals. Yet, before we are able to pursue any direction it is important to know exactly where we start from and who we really are. If we neglect this important detail we often end up running around chasing different goals without the sense of ever arriving. There will always be something missing! No wonder - if the plane leaving for Durban, is boarding in Johannesburg and you are still hanging around in Cape Town - the fact is that you are actually not on board!

What I am about to share with you might sound very strange, though, you will as you travel through the book, visiting all aspects of what you are find this to be one very essential truth.

This book will not give you the answer. There is no golden recipe, a quick fix nor a band aid.

The journey of responsibility is about taking ownership. It is about understanding with all of your being, that absolutely nobody is holding the answer but YOU. The moment we can embrace this, it will be given...

Are you ready to discover your answers within?

Make use of the Guidance of the book... let it come ALIVE through YOU! BE THE PROCESS!

You are welcome to book sessions with trained Guides and Facilitators of THE RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL. Your personal Responsibility Coach is a fellow Student and Explorer of Life, inspiring you to discover and live your potential.