Karina Andersen

Originally from Denmark, now living in the home of her heart South Africa.

A corporate client recently shared after completing his first part of The Responsible Individual:

"Karina is simply brilliant. Her insights, wisdom and courage truly inspire me!  I also find Karina hugely authentic and warm. She sees straight through “me dodging a point/truth”. She is completely zoned into me and is distracted by nothing. It is truly wonderful engaging with her."

Karina shares:

I am grateful that I may add 

a spoonful of magic 

here and there... 

The great privilege 

of being a catalyst ... 

A tiny 'spark' 

that opens up to something 

we haven't thought of before... 

Awakening curiosity to explore... 

Each one of us holds 

an incredible potential... 

Each one of us is meant for 

something truly special!

In Gratitude