TRI MAGIC inside Prison

My session at Worcester Prison today. 

I have four Responsibility Coaches (TRI facilitators) in training in this prison. 

Luyanda is a pioneer - with me 6+ years. Daniel 4+ years and Pumzile and Marco 2+ years. 

These four Inmates are learning to guide TRI - an offering to fellow inmates to journey deeper within to expand the mind and open the heart. The only way to be a TRI guide and facilitator is to practice this yourself.

 You gain access via 'the other'... access to deeper layers that are calling to be found and 'adjusted' : )

What stood out for me today was the level of commitment the four coaches have to the process and the depth to which they allow themselves to go. 

Truly inspiring!! Well done guys! 

~ Karina ~
Aug 21 2014