Educated in TRI

If you could have asked me about what I have written here three years ago, I wouldn’t have had answers for you; but today I can and it was made possible by the concept of THE RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL.

With the concept I have learned the beauty of creating me and discovering my being in full flood. I choose because I want to, not because of pleasing and surviving. My heart (how I feel) is the basis or foundation that I operate from. The intellectual pursuit deceived me from seeing, learning, understanding and growing from my challenges – therefore I realized that knowledge alone is not enough. It is imperative that I add/listen to be whole or one with my emotions. In that way I am liberated to be me/who I am.

As I have said, none of this would have made sense three years ago because i would not have known that there is a ‘higher’ way of being, that I am in control, that I have a choice, that I can live mindful and consciously aware of my life, that I am content with myself and accept wholeheartedly, that I am special and unique, that I can change and most importantly that I can inspire others as well.
  • I look not only around me but deep into my soul.

  • I see not only the chaos in life but the orchestra of life.
  • I speak not only the languages of tongue but that of my heart.

  • I feel not only what I sense but sense what I feel

  • I touch not only with my hand but with the fingers of my soul.

  • I listen not only to the sound that surrounds me but to the beat that beats from within.

  • I hear not only the noise of the world; but the voice of the universe.
Every step, every journey, every experience is purposeful and everything is possible when I trust and believe in myself.