Written by Welcome Dennis Witbooi, who is part of THE RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL within Goodwood Medium Prison.

…When I experienced so much hurt, I decided to give up on the idea of love but rather focus all my attention on studying and achieving academically. I was wounded and felt that rejecting others might somehow conceal my wounds.

Easier said than done!

The greatest love of all is inside of you… ironic, isn’t it? I have taken this for granted!

Love is not about being right or wrong. According to me it is about creating a fusion of energies that allows growth... This process was a very difficult one to understand, especially for me. Whenever I met someone I feared losing the connection and so I kept working on ways to keep the relationship afloat. I neglected to realize the impact of this process on my being. To a greater extent of my life I refused to believe that I was capable of loving, or to be loved for that matter. Every relationship was a mirror. It had taken me a great deal of getting to know who I truly was and what I was capable of to realize my potential to experience love.

I am currently in that experience, and what a wonderful experience, I might add. Love to me is no longer just a word. It has become, or maybe it has always been, a part of me. The truth for right now, love can not be applied unless it begins with yourself… Life and people do not come tailor-made. This has become true for me. A friend of mine has allowed me the opportunity to see into myself, and even her friendship was tested by the very systems I had in place to protect me. They say love is blind, but I have come to realize that it actually sees all, knows all and accepts all.

♥ ♥ ♥

For each window we open we see a bit more
aaaah the potential to experience love!