Acknowledgement of those who have added their energy...

The creation of this book - bringing it from the intention to something tangible - has involved a lot of people, who have added their beautiful energy to the process! This book is because of all of those people...

Inkfish Design Studios have assisted me in preparing my artwork and my cover design for print. A huge thank you to Suzan & Neil McCreadie and their team of graphic designers... they have definitely shown that anything is possible!

A huge thank you to Sarah Hewland who have spent hours and hours editing and assisted me with language challenges ;-) It has been fun and hugely rewarding!

Also Christina Hope and Layo Seriki have assisted us through the editing process. A warm thanks to you as well.

...and Vivian Tatschke. Thank you for being such a wonderful source of inspiration and encouragement in the process of writing this book. Thank you for your light and love!